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CPTC Foundation scholarships provide financial assistance to help meet educational expenses.





申请周期大约在每个季度的第一天开始. 网上申请截止时间为11:59.m. 在申请期的最后一天. 逾期材料恕不受理.

Quarter 网上申请开始 网上申请截止
Summer scholarships April 10, 2023 May 03, 2023
Fall scholarships July 3, 2023 July 23, 2023
Winter scholarships September 25, 2023 October 15, 2023
Spring scholarships January 2, 2024 January 21, 2024

而在线申请将在11点59分之前开放.m. on the closing date, it is recommended that you complete your application by 4 p.m. 因为在那之后就没有技术帮助了.


Please read the instructions carefully before applying for a scholarship (The instructions are listed both below and at the beginning of the scholarship application).


Award Cycle

奖学金每季度颁发一次. Students may apply each quarter and may qualify for multiple scholarships, but may only receive one CPTC基金会每季度奖学金. Scholarships are not guaranteed and are awarded using a competitive review and scoring system.

获得奖学金 20-50/quarter
Award Amount $600+/quarter
Use 学费,书籍和/或用品
Deadline See below


Basic Eligibility



  • Minimum 2.平均绩点(GPA): 最近一所学校的累计GPA必须为2.0 or higher.
  • 没有学生贷款违约: 不能有拖欠的学生贷款(延期是可以的).
  • 全日制大学生: Must be enrolled full-time (12+ credits) for the quarter you are applying for a scholarship.
  • Running Start and NW Career and Technical High School students are not eligible for scholarships.

NOTE: Running Start, NWCTHS, and other high school students may apply before graduation but must have graduated by the time the scholarship quarter begins.



Some scholarships have additional eligibility criteria (such as a higher minimum grade point average, 具体研究领域, 或完成FAFSA/WAFSA).

The online application will automatically match you to all scholarships for which you are eligible 根据你提供的答案.

Application Process:


You can apply for all CPTC Foundation scholarships by completing one application. Your application will automatically be considered for any scholarships where you meet the stated criteria, 根据你提供的答案. We strive to ensure that at least half of the scholarships offered each quarter are open to all students who meet the basic eligibility criteria.

不要留下任何未回答的问题. The software will automatically screen out unanswered questions and mark your application as incomplete. 不完整的申请将不被考虑. 一旦你的资格被确认, 你的申请将被考虑申请奖学金.

Any student found to have falsified information on their application, 还被选为奖学金获得者, 他们的奖学金会被取消吗. Applicants who continue to falsify their application may be barred from applying for scholarships. 关于入学资格的答案, GPA, loan status, student ID, and other basic information will be verified with the Office of Financial Aid. 


  1. Determine if you are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the CPTC Foundation
  2. 点击“立即申请”或直接进入在线申请.
  3. 如果您还没有帐户,请点击“注册”
  4. 填写所需信息, 使用你的CPTC电子邮件地址,然后按“创建帐户”
  5. 点击“启动应用程序”
  6. 完整填写每个部分.- leaving questions blank may result in your application being rejected
  7. 上载电子副本(.doc, .pdf, or .Jpg)你的最新 unofficial 成绩单,显示你的累计绩点.  如果你是在CPTC的第一个季度, use an unofficial transcript from your high school or last institution attended.
  8. Complete two essays – use the writing center in the library for assistance with writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as 这些都会影响你的总分.
  9. 点击“提交申请”按钮. (Note: this button will not be available until all sections of your application are complete. Once you click submit, you will see the number of scholarships you qualified for based on your answers. If you see “zero applied” you were not eligible for any scholarships 根据你提供的答案d. 仔细检查你的资格,确定这是否是一个错误. Answers may be edited and the application resubmitted prior to the application deadline. 如果您认为您错误地收到了“零应用”消息, and have verified your answers are correct/resubmitted your application, 请致电(253)589-6082与基金会联系寻求帮助.)

Application Scoring


Scholarships are awarded competitively based upon the scoring of two essays written by you and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, 由社区义工组成. You have up to 500 words to answer each essay question and share your story. 每篇文章可能得12分.


  1. Educational & 职业目标,未来计划
  2. 当前的环境/克服挑战的能力

给自己最好的获奖机会, 使用分配的字数, 检查你的文章是否彻底, grammar, and punctuation, along with content.  We strongly recommend that you seek assistance from the Tutoring Center in Building 15.

Award Notification & Disbursement:

All qualified applicants will receive an email notification about their application status approximately two weeks before the tuition payment deadline..

所有奖学金将 applied towards the recipient’s financial aid account to pay any remaining tuition and fees due. In the event you receive funds from an outside source that already covers tuition (i.e. 退伍军人福利,机会补助金,工作优先等.), your scholarship may be made available to you via your Bank Mobile Option to be used for books or academic program supplies. Scholarship recipients must complete an agreement stating they will only use their scholarship funds for educational expenses. In some instances, it may be necessary to adjust a student’s Financial Aid package when a scholarship is accepted. Award recipients must contact Financial Aid for questions about how this scholarship will impact your award offer, or to make an adjustment to the offer of aid for the reduction of loans or work-study awards. 

Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a thank you letter to the donor prior to receiving the scholarship.


额外奖学金资源 & 外部奖学金:

除了通过CPTC基金会提供奖学金, there are a wide variety of scholarship opportunities available to students at Clover Park Technical College through outside organizations in our community and state.

对于外部奖学金机会, 请到17号楼的财政援助办公室, or contact Lisa Fortson电话:(253)589-5688.

Additional Resources

The below resources may help you find a scholarship based on a wide variety of personal characteristics, goals, qualifications, and needs. These scholarship resources are not associated with Clover Park Technical College and must be applied to separately from CPTC Foundation scholarships.

Foundation Logo

Technical Assistance

Should you need technical assistance directly related to your AwardSpring account (password, uploading documents, etc.),请直接致电(888)258-5628联系AwardSpring,选择二.


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